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Top Under Ground AI Sales Tools 2020

Artificial intelligence (AI) has had a fantastic impact on the marketing profession. has a very useful guide on the benefits of artificial intelligence for marketers. They pointed out that there are three areas where big data is being leveraged in this vertical.

One of the biggest ways that artificial intelligence has proven to be most valuable has been in the development of sales funnel tools. You can learn more about the use of AI with these tools by studying the ones listed below.

Ever think you could achieve your goals and scale your business much faster — if you only knew the best digital marketing tools?

These days, there are so many different online marketing tools that it’s hard to know where to start. Each new tool requires an investment of your time and money, and choosing the wrong one now and then switching to another later can be a hassle.

Artificial Intelligence is Revitalizing Sales Management Tools

Artificial intelligence is invaluable for creating better sales funnels. We will bridge the two concepts later in this post, but we want to take some time to cover the fundamentals of sales funnels, so you can appreciate the advantage of AI first.

The internet is where the businesses are going nowadays because of its worldwide reach and 24/7 capacity. Both buyers and sellers are now relocating online to grow their business. Buyers are often buying more online than in physical stores and sellers are opening shop over the internet seeing this trend.

learn why you should move your business online.

However, not all businesses are experts in doing business online. The internet is a different world, with different rules and dynamics. For one, your reach on the internet is global. If you wanted to, you can sell it to anyone in the world. Another thing is marketing and there are many different marketing strategies online that are relatively new.

One of the techniques in marketing a business on the internet is the sales funnels. It’s called a funnel because it works like one. People come in the top side of the funnel and then slowly come out the other side converted. A conversion in this situation is usually a sale as which is the goal of businesses, however, these tools can be used by non-profit organizations too to make conversions either for their cause or belief.

Visit this link to learn more about sales funnels:

Sales Funnels

A Sales Funnel starts by attracting people to your site or funnel in many ways. You can attract them by blogging, social media, paid ads, or organic searches. Then once they are on your site, they start the funnel process which starts with awareness. The whole process can take days or even weeks to finish. This is a nurturing type of sales but you just let your tools do it for you. Awareness is the part where people start to get aware of who you are and what you are all about. This is when the customer learns about you so that you become familiar with them.

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The next step is interest. This is the part of the funnel where you try to pique their interest by giving them related content. You will give them stories and videos that your customers can relate to and then relate to you. This will remind them that you have the solution to their problem. This will then bring them to the third part of the process which is the decision. After making them realize that all they needed to solve the problem that they have been having is with you, they will now decide that is time to buy your product.

After deciding, they will have to put it into action which will take them to the last step of the funnel which is action. When they purchase, this means that you get your conversion. You need to remember that you normally don’t expect that you convert everyone you attract to your site. However, there is a percentage of people that will convert and this is where your money will be. After seeing what your conversion rate is, you can now scale up your efforts and money put to get bigger sales.

Eric Siu, the founder of Single Grain, has talked about some of the ways AI has been most beneficial in the field of marketing. He listed 20 AI tools that marketers can use for productivity. However, many of them are not specific to the marketing field.

We wanted to put together a new list of tools that was more succinct and relevant. The tools listed below can be invaluable, as they were designed specifically for marketers.

To be able to do a sales funnel, you will need sales funnel software. Here are some of the top sales funnel builders:


clickfunnels price 2020

ClickFunnels is one of the most well-known of this kind of marketing tool. A lot of people have used it and have tried their power. It is very easy to use. You only need to drag and drop to edit your page. Moreover, even when it is simple to use, it looks very professional. This tool will help you build your leads and convert your sales.

After signing up for ClickFunnels, you are given the option to upgrade to Actionetics MD. The upgrade will help you send targeted emails with specific messages for each customer. This will help in making your campaign more successful.

If you are new to ClickFunnels, then you don’t have to worry because they offer a 14-day trial. This is enough for you to set up and get your feel on the tool so that by the time you start paying for the tool, you are already earning money through it.

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Landing Page Builders For Marketers

Leadpages is one of the best ways for you to gain new customers. This tool will help you gain new leads who will eventually become your customers. This can be used to create your website or your landing page. Leadpages will make it look attractive so that you will have to problem attracting new customers and converting them into sales.

This builder uses a drag and drop platform making it very easy to use. There are also a lot of templates to choose one to ensure that your site is one of a kind and is attractive enough for your buyers. Additionally, they make sure that your site is mobile optimized as they know that a big part of internet users will be checking your website through their phone or a mobile device.

Check this page to learn about mobile optimization.

Leadpages is easy to use but also very versatile when it comes to making your site. Almost everything is customizable. This includes the fonts, the images, and even the pop-ups. Plus, they have a metrics dashboard where you can see how effective your site is doing.


Instapage is one builder that you will love. They have a platform for building your website and driving your business to convert more sales. You can do so much with this tool. If you already have a website, they have a team that will help you migrate your site to their platform and make sure that there will be no mistakes or errors. Additionally, they ensure that their pages load fast because they know how annoying slow loading pages could be which could cause users to stop visiting your page. They make sure that their pages load in less than half a second.

They have over 90 templates that you can choose from in building your site. This large number of choices will ensure that you can build the perfect site. Moreover, they have a feature that properly scales your site so that things do not look out of place or unprofessional.

Which Companies are Adopting AI Tools for Marketing?

Despite large aggregate increases in current and projected implementation, not all firms are adopting AI or using AI across the same types of marketing activities. Chief marketing officers (CMOs) at higher revenue companies report stronger current and projected adoption rates, as they use their greater resources to leverage data to increase customer engagement. This effect is most pronounced with companies with annual revenue of $1B or more. The same trend holds true with companies that have a higher percentage of internet sales. These firms are harnessing the skills of data scientists and abundant data about their online prospects and customers to optimize the customer experience, with the goal of driving revenues and profitability.

Across industry sectors, we see that corporate adoption rates are highest in transportation, technology, and education and lowest in manufacturing, mining, and energy. In addition to these verticals, adoption rates are markedly higher at B2C companies versus B2B companies, with B2C services companies leading B2C product companies in AI application.

Popular AI Applications in Marketing

While the presence of AI grows overall within the marketing function, certain applications have been more widely adopted than others. Big picture, we see that the top three AI applications all involve a focus on driving customer value with more effective marketing. Specifically, over half of respondents are utilizing AI technologies for content personalization (56.5%) and generating customer insights using predictive analytics (56.5%). Nearly half are utilizing AI to target customer decision making (49.6%). These applications vary quite a bit by sector with B2C companies dominating in their use of predictive analytics for customer insights and targeting decisions—especially B2C services companies. Content personalization, on the other hand, is the focus of the other sectors. Overall, B2C companies are investing in applications such as optimizing programmatic advertising and media buying, improving marketing ROI by finetuning marketing content and timing, and implementing conversational AI for customer service.

As marketers look to use AI in content personalization, predictive analytics for customer insights, and targeting decisions, here are some key considerations to guide their journey:

Content Personalization: AI can be an effective tool to gather deeper insights and understanding of customers. By gathering the right data, marketers can develop more personalized offerings of products and services across customer channels. However, mistargeted personalization can result in customers feeling frustrated at best and mistrusting brands at worse. Research by Accenture finds that poor personalization and lack of trust cost companies $756B in 2017 as 41% of fed-up customers switched companies.

Predictive Analytics for Customer Insights: Predictive analytics provides the opportunity for companies to deliver relevant and timely offers to consumers. This makes AI an important tool for sales and marketing organizations to boost customer acquisition, loyalty, and retention. However, machines using predictive analytics can only predict outcomes they have been programmed to recognize—meaning they can miss critical information or jump to faulty conclusions—Target’s prediction and targeting of a teen’s pregnancy is a case in point. Companies should take time to fine-tune AI models before putting them into wide practice.

AI for Targeting: Using AI to develop audience segments and reach users is a logical way to deploy the technology. A recent survey by the Data & Marketing Association found that 62% of marketers said that improving audience segmentation to support better ad targeting is one of their top campaign management priorities. However, nearly half of consumers are concerned about how companies are using their personal data. New laws are being implemented to restrict such usage, including what data organizations can collect and use, how data must be stored, and providing customers with opt-out and deletion rights. With regulations varying by country and even state, companies seeking to utilize AI for targeting must have a keen understanding of requirements and their obligations before proceeding. However, data from the August 2018 CMO Survey finds that marketers are not worried that their company’s use of online or third-party data could raise concerns about data. In that survey, only 10% reported that they were very worried about privacy.

AI is Vital to Modern Sales Funnels

Sales funnels rely more on AI than ever before. You should be aware of the various sales funnel builders on the market and use their AI capabilities to their fullest potential.


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