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Top High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Programs In 2020

There are 3 key criteria, or “profit activators” as marketing gurus refers to them, that determine the profitability potential for your business.


A profitable business model must meet all 3 criteria.

Your business must be able to:

1. Get more customers to sell your product or service to.

2. Do repeat business with those same customers.

3. Sell higher ticket products to increase revenue.

The four online business models that are best suited to meet all three profit activators are Digital Products, Coaching Services, Live Events and High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing.

1. Digital Products (also referred to as the E-learning) are educational courses in a video, audio or written format. The beauty of this model is that you can create a product one time and continue to sell it for years to come. It can be sold to many customers and you can do repeat business with the same customer if you have a variety of courses to choose from. You can also increase revenue by selling higher-ticket, more in depth courses as well.

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2. Coaching Services can be marketed and sold to many customers. Your services can be offered as a package or even as monthly membership for group coaching. This allows you to do repeat business with the same customer multiple times. You can offer a premium coaching, more personalized program as your high-ticket offer.

3. Live Events allow you to sell to many customers per event, and you can do repeat business with the same customers by offering subsequent events. It also fits the high-ticket offer criteria if you offer an exclusive, premium event.

4. Low-ticket affiliate marketing does not meet the three criteria, but High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing does. You have to choose carefully to ensure that the business you select to promote and partner with pays a commission for each customer, as well as repeat sales from the same customer and high-ticket commissions for the sale of premium offers.

All three criteria must be met, but arguably the most important component, and the one that is missing from most business models is the high-ticket offer. Without a high-ticket product or service, you will be leaving money on the table, and worse you may find yourself out of business in the short haul. A well designed product line offers a range from low to high to appeal to different customers. Different customers have different needs and different levels of familiarity with your business.

Ideally, lower priced offers should be designed to sell to many customers and draw them in so that you can deliver great value and make them part of your community. Mid-priced offers deliver even greater value at a higher price point. They should be designed for repeat business with customers who want more in depth knowledge or a higher quality product and who are willing to pay more to get it. This would typically be a business’ signature offering; and this is typically the point where many businesses stop making offers.

They neglect to create a higher-level, premium offer at a significantly higher price point. So they are effectively neglecting the customers who would be willing to pay that premium price for the highest level of service your business offers. It’s expensive to find new customers and if you only have only low to mid priced offers available you might find that you’re covering your expenses with little profit left over. If however, you cover your costs with the sales from your low and mid level offers, that means the high level offer sales would be pure profit.

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