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Aliexpress Black Friday Deals in 2019: Great Discounts on Top-End Products

AliExpress is offering online shoppers who have been waiting with bated breath for the Black Friday Sale something to cheer about.

AliExpress Fast Shipping

The Alibaba Group-owned Chinese online retail service is gearing up to launch a new promotion sale dubbed Fast Shipping. The amazing promo on AliExpress features a wide range of heavily discounted products that will be shipped directly from the United States.

The aforesaid sale starts on November 29th at 12:00 AM (PT) and includes items across multiple categories. Moreover, during this activity period, you can take advantage of a $2 OFF Coupon and save more money during the checkout process.

As mentioned earlier, the promotion page is graced by numerous products and finding exactly what you are looking for among them could prove to be a backbreaking task. To simplify and expedite the search process, AliExpress has carefully added all items under specific categories.

For the sake of an instance, the best selling items on AliExpress have been added to the first section called The Bestsellers. This section is graced by miscellaneous products that come in handy in day to day life and lots more.

More importantly, all products available under the aforesaid section carry noteworthy discounts. For example, there is a 63 percent off on the HUION H430P Digital Tablets, which normally sells for $66.66. Thanks to the discount, you can get it for only $24.66.

HUION H430P Digital Tablets

If that doesn’t impress you much, it might interest you to know that the Black Friday price of the device is only $22. So make sure you check the Black Friday Sale on AliExpress at 12:00 AM (PT) on November 29th.

The following category is called Up to 90% off and as the name suggests, you can avail of up to a whopping 90 percent discount on all items available under this section. Tech buffs and gadget lovers can head straight to the next category called Tech.

The Tech section has been crammed with amazing high-tech devices that usually cost a bomb but are available for lowered prices during the activity period. For example, the Bluedio T7 Bluetooth Headphones are currently available for a reduced price of only $36.45, while its original selling price is $80.99.

Bluedio T7 Bluetooth Headphones

As part of the Black Friday, AliExpress is dropping the price further down to only $36.90. On top of that, the product will ship in just 24 hours from the time you place your order.

There’s a $3 New User Coupon for those placing their first order with AliExpress. Others, who spend $150 can use the $8 OFF Coupon.

Keeping your home clean, safe and tidy all the time is a task you cannot manage by yourself and that’s exactly where smart home appliances come into the picture. Regrettably, they don’t come cheap.

To make top-end home appliances available to cost-conscious buyers at affordable prices, AliExpress has included the Home Essentials category on the promotion page. You can get your hands on several useful products without emptying your pocket.

Likewise, the Outdoor Fun is must check-out section for adventure junkies and sports lovers. The Beauty section, on the other hand, is for everyone who wants to always look their best without spending tens of thousands of dollars on gadgets and products like laser hair removal, face cleaner, etc.

The concluding category is called More To Love and it has products that have been split into five different categories including Fashion, Tech, Home Essentials, Automobiles, and Sports. Each sub-category feature an impressive range of products that you can buy at unbeatable prices.

You can visit this page to check out the rest of the products that have gone up for sale carrying lowered prices on AliExpress by following this link. It is worth mentioning here that the promo is slated to end on December 3rd at 11:59 PM (PT).

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